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Monday, December 09, 2013

B-95 - The toughest four ounces of life you will ever encounter.

They call him Moonbird.

A shorebird known as a Rufus Red Knot, he was born far to the North in the Canadian Tundra above the Arctic Circle.
Far to the South in 1995 he was among a flock of Red Knots captured, banded and released by an Argentinean biologist working in Tierra del Fuego. His tag number, B-95
Since that time the Rufus Red Knot population has fallen by as much as 80%
Yes eighty percent.
The number is typical for many long distance migrating birds.
This is mostly due to our overwhelming need to develop every inch of natural space available and to build a WalMart within walking distance of every home in America.

In spite of the odds and the hardships, this one bird is still being spotted today, over eighteen years later. (The average Red Knot lifespan is 4-5 years)
Extraordinarily, this means that this little 4-ounce shorebird has flown over 320,000 miles in his lifetime.
A distance equal to a flight to the Moon and halfway back, thus earning him the name Moonbird.
One leg of his annual flight is FIVE Thousand Miles.


Lydia said...

Oh, I love this story and now this little bird so much! What a beautiful and brave bird. It will live as long as I do, because from this moment on I will never forget the Moonbird.

Thank you for this post, Bobbb. ♥

Citizen of Earth said...

Bound and Determined:
Moonbird has been spotted on the Chesapeake Bay making his way southward once again. He is expected in Terra Del Fuego within the next few weeks. Will he make it? Thousands of bird watchers are on the look out.
The story of this one tiny survivor moves my heart to tears every time I think about him out there making his way through a world which we seem determined to destroy.
I hope he has fathered a host of offspring equally tenacious over the years.