She whispers my name... Only I can hear

Saturday, May 03, 2014

Tonight I dwell above the clouds

Trouble brewing off the Carolina coast
Moisture gathered  in the turning tempest
Rises above Tennessee, Virginia, Pennsylvania
Only to fall on the sullen hillsides and vacant fields
That are New York's forgotten farmland

The first thunderstorms of the season
Roll over the leafless forests
In one more attempt to wrest the very landscape
From the lingering tendrils of Winter's grasp

The warm May sun energizes the Carolina mists
And sends storms running like children, over the hills
White, amber, gray; flung in tails and tatters
As they splash in vast blue fields of light
And of shadow and sky

Sun sinking low, the storms retire
And the warm moist Carolina clouds hunker down
And settle on the land in gentle embrace
Softly singing lullabies of Spring
Leaving the hilltops exposed
So as to forecast the silver stars
And to search for signs
Of the changing seasons

Tonight I dwell above the clouds

From the deeps of time
Amid the innumerable stars
With hope in my heart
And a glint in my eye
I watch the silver stars
Yes I watch with care

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